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Website and SEO Support

Using a professional website design company like Take Charge Media can help your business grow and stay performing at the top. We can help you Take Charge of your small or large business, by generating customers, phone calls, and leads through great website design, (SEO) search engine rankings, and social media.

Our support team is able to also assist with a variety of maintenance and support tasks to keep your website up and running 24/7! Take Charge Media offers quick and affordable website support. 

We Can Help You With The Following Tasks:

  • Fix errors
  • Repair Hacked Websites 
  • Designing a new website pages
  • Write a web page copy
  • Add images or videos to your site
  • Add a new form, or form security to your site
  • Install plugins/ Develop Custom plugins & add scripts
  • Add payment gateways and test payments 
  • Update WooCommerce software

CMS & Plugin Updates

Need CMS support? Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, Wix, WordPress? We start by identifying your current version and latest release. We plan out an upgrade path to ensure your site continues operating properly moving forward.

Security Checks & Updates

Our goal is to keep you safe, monitored, and able to run your business digitally without fear.

Creative Updates

Our Front-End Developers and Designers ensure that you don’t miss out on those conversions and interactions by using modern UI / UX Techniques to enhance your site.

Analytical Services

Our Team continuously identifies ways to improve your website’s search engine rankings and compliance to ensure that it constantly extends its reach and is compliant.

We offer a variety of Support Plans and Retainer Options, we aim to ensure that our Clients work together with our experienced team to address issues they need to be reviewed.  

Your Website Is Secure
With Us

Take Charge Media is happy to make sure our clients’ websites are safe, secure, and up to date. Let us handle all the stress of managing your company’s website and take a load off of your plate. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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