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CrossFit Website Design and SEO For CrossFit Gyms [CrossFit Website Example]

CrossFit Website Design

CrossFit Website Design and SEO For CrossFit Gyms [CrossFit Website Example]


CrossFit 584 teamed up with Take Charge Media! We offer Website Design and SEO for CrossFit GYMS! YOU deserve a strong website! LEARN MORE!


We are proud to announce we have officially launched the newly designed website for CrossFit 584. VIEW SITE HERE: 

The focus for the new website was to give users better access to our FAQs, Who We Are, How We Work, Case Studies, Expertise & Services, Our People, Blog, and latest industry news while also providing faster site speed, easier to navigate, and to create a more user-friendly experience for mobile devices.

We would like to thank CrossFit 584 for partnering with us – we wholeheartedly appreciate it!

Want the best CrossFit gym website? Here’s the [CHECKLIST]

Hit your target with this simple Website Design Checklist.


Does your CrossFit website have a clear call to action?

Push people to act and drive better results with a clear Call to Action (CTA). An effective CTA Button stands out on your page and makes it clear what people should do next, whether it’s to SUBSCRIBE, BUY or CALL NOW.

Do your users know exactly what you do, and how to sign up for CrossFit classes?

Get more information about your audience through a sign-up or registration page. Make your website registration process smooth so that it’s easy to sign up for a service or subscribe to a newsletter.


Does your website answer your client’s questions with detailed CrossFit FAQs?

Make it easy for visitors to find the answers to their questions. The Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs, page must have all the important information about your CrossFit gym services, processes, and schedule. It’s also easier for you because potential clients don’t have to contact you for inquiries constantly.

Does your website have great content that goes in-depth into your products and CrossFit services?

Pack a punch with great content! Make sure that you have a clear, concise, and engaging copy that is consistent with your brand.


Does your website have CrossFit blogs?

Drive more traffic and establish your authority in the field through blogs. Write valuable content frequently, and search engines will bring the right audience to your website.

Is your website clear and helpful?

Make a great first impression on potential customers through your website. Present your services, offer valuable insights, and connect with people who share your values.


Does your website have a process that leads users?

Users only spend less than 45 seconds on a website. An easy-to-navigate page leads visitors to where to go and what to do upon entry.

Does your website have videos, infographics, and engaging content?

People retain visual information better. Tell your story through high-quality photos, infographics, and videos. Studies show that they are 10x better than a plain wall of text.



Does your website have pop-up forms?

Pop-ups isolate information which makes them great for grabbing attention. When properly used, they generate a 9% conversion rate. Add pop-up forms that lead users to the next action or special promos and announcements.

Does your website have a clean mobile website?

Mobile users are now dominating the web and will continue to increase. Build a clean, responsive website with an adaptable layout to target half of the world’s online population.

Does your website have a social media section?

Make it easy for your audience to find you on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Social networking is the best way to build a community of athletes, coaches, and partners for your CrossFit Gym.




Our main focus is designing creative process-driven CrossFit websites that implement a sales process, make clear calls to action,  answers important FAQ, and have great content, that’s written to educate users and search engines like Google to rank web pages for the best organic and local SEO rankings.


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