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Our Website Methodology | Website Must Haves the [CHECK LIST]


Our Website Methodology | Website Must Haves the [CHECK LIST]

Does your website have a clear call to action?

A clear Call to Action (CTA) pushes people to act and drives better results for your website. The CTA Button must attract the viewer’s eyes and precisely tells them the next step to take, whether it’s to BUY, SUBSCRIBE or CALL NOW.

Does your website have a process that leads users?

Visitors spend 45 seconds or less on a web page. Websites that are easy to navigate shows the users exactly where to click and what to do once they enter a page.

Do your users know exactly what you do, how to sign up?

Running a soccer website may require you to ask for information from users. The registration or sign-up page makes it easy for your audience to register to your service or subscribe to a newsletter.

Does your website answer your client’s questions with detailed FAQ’s?

Help customers to easily find the answers to their concerns in a detailed yet concise Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. This reduces the chances of visitors contacting you for answers. In case of an inquiry, you can always refer them to your FAQs page for more information.

Does your website have great content that goes in-depth in your products and services?

Content is critical. Your copy must be concise, clear, and consistent with your brand. Great content engages readers, builds followers and establishes you as an authority in soccer.

Does your website have blogs?

Blogs are great for giving value to readers while also driving traffic to your website. Write lots of fresh content regularly, and the search engines will lead the right audience to your blogs.

Does your website have infographics, videos and engaging content?

Did you know 65% of people remember visual information? Visitors interact 10x more with infographics and videos than text. Integrating visuals help effectively explain your services to visitors.

Does your website have pop-up forms?

Pop-ups are great for grabbing attention and leading users to the next steps. When appropriately used, pop-up forms result in a 9% conversion rate increase.

Does your website have a clean mobile website?

Half of the worldwide online traffic comes from phones and mobile devices. Get more traffic from mobile users through a clean, responsive website design with an adaptable layout for multiple devices.

Is your website clear and helpful?

Your soccer website is the online face of your business. Connect with your community from the very start. Showcase your services in a welcoming and clear way with information that is valuable to anyone who visits.

Does your website have a social media section?

Build connections with users and brand partners through social networks. Display your social media channels to build a community of athletes, coaches, partners and soccer enthusiasts.

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